The Jewel is the second generation of the double decker model present in the market since the decade of the nineties. As a result of the increasing demand of our customers we have renovated completely this model with innovations in the exterior and interior design to guarantee the maximum comfort and security.


This coach has been designed to aport more capacity to the passengers, the excellent general view that the Glory offers is as a result of the big visibility and the luminosity. The passengers are seating in a high position in a higher floor with darker glasses that filter the sunlight. It gives another concept of comfort and it makes the trip a real pleasure with the combination of commodity, security and well-being.




  During this year 2014 you could find us in the following shows: 

  // INTERNATIONAL BUS EXPO Rimini 09-11 October

  // FIAA Madrid 28-31 October

  // EURO BUS EXPO Birmingham 4-6 November